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Israeli Forces Wound Over 100 Palestinian Protesters     - | -     At least 59 killed as train hits crowd in northern India     - | -     Conservatives Bash Khashoggi While Defending Trump      - | -     Trump Wants A US-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal Signing Ceremony But Mexico and Canada Aren't on Board     - | -     China To Launch ‘Artificial Moon’ To Replace Street Lights     - | -     People Are Applauding Rihanna For Saying No To The NFL And Supporting Colin Kaepernick     - | -     Rosenstein Will Testify Before House Members Next Week      - | -     Saudis Tried to Silence Associate of Khashoggi in Canadian Meeting      - | -     John Kelly and John Bolton Get into Immigration Shouting Fracas Outside Oval Office      - | -     GOP Congressman Invokes 'The Deep State'
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