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2 Dead and 17 More Injured in a Nightclub Shooting in Fort Myers, Florida

According to officials, a shooting broke out at a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, as parents picked up their kids from a party for teens, leaving two dead and at least 17 wounded. Cheryl Garn, a spokeswoman for Lee Memorial Health System, says that three people remain hospitalized Monday morning. Garn says the victims range in age from 12 to 27. Club Blu says on its Facebook...
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Round Rock Attempted Robbery Leaves Texas Officer Dead

Texas sheriff’s deputy Craig Hutchinson was shot and killed at his home in Round Rock, about 15 miles north of Austin. Hutchinson used his police radio around 1.30am Monday to report that people were in his back yard. When Investigators arrived moments later they discovered Hutchinson’s body in the yard. Speaking at a news conference, Travis County sheriff...
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As Sanders Calls for Clinton's Election His Delegates Boo Him

Bernie Sanders got booed by his delegates as he called for the election of Hillary Clinton. Many in the crowd chanted, "We want Bernie." Sanders responded to his supporters with pragmatism as Clinton weeks ago locked up the number of delegates she needs to win the nomination. Sanders emphazied the now main goal of defeating Donald Trump and preventing him from entering...
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Pokemon Go Crashes, Users in Europe and United States Affected

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor Bad news for Pokemon Go players as the extremely popular app is once again having server troubles, bringing it down all over Europe and the United States. Pokemon Go, which was created by Niantic and published by the Pokemon Company, has left millions affected by this latest outage. Hacking group PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility through...
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Virginia Man Caught Attempting to Join ISIS Sentenced

According to the Associated Press, a northern Virginia man that was caught in a government sting trying to join the terrorist Islamic State group has officially been sentenced to 8 ½ years in prison. In Alexandria, Virginia, on Friday, 29-year-old Woodbridge resident Joseph Farrokh received the official ruling after pleading guilty to attempting to travel to the Islamic...
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No response at Missoula budget hearing
No response at Missoula budget hearing
The Missoula City Council held another public hearing for the 2017 fiscal year budget Monday, but the public didn't show up.  Read More
Montanans hope for DNC focus on issues
Montanans hope for DNC focus on issues
The first day of the Democratic National Convention has ended, but controversy is still in the air. The start of the DNC didn't go off without... Read More
Japanese Knife Attack Leaves 15 Dead
Japanese Knife Attack Leaves 15 Dead
In a story that was developing on Monday night, 15 people were killed and at least 48 injured in stabbing attack in Sagamihara, Japan.... Read More
Siberian Tiger kills woman in China
Siberian Tiger kills woman in China
A woman was mauled to death by a Siberian tiger and her female friend was injured on a safari-style tour in China.According to the state-run... Read More
Fox Gives The Boot To Two More Execs
Fox Gives The Boot To Two More Execs
Four days after Fox News chief Roger Ailes was axed, two more executives at the network have been given the boot. Two Fox executives... Read More
USS Detroit Passes Final Sea Trials Before Delivery to Navy
USS Detroit Passes Final Sea Trials Before Delivery to Navy
The U.S. Navy has a new vessel known as the USS Detroit. The littoral combat ship is the latest... Read More
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More Than 2 Executive Get's Laid Off After Ailes
Four days after the ouster of Roger Ailes as Fox News chief, two more executives at the network have been laid off. But executives...Read More
All There Is To Know About The Alleged Russians Role In The DNC Leak
Hilary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, was all to certain that the Democratic National Committee recent email leak was organized...Read More
Bernie Sanders Supporters Protest Hillary Clinton
This Sunday over 1,000 Bernie Sanders’s supporters protested Hillary Clinton and the DNC in Philadelphia. This protest was larger...Read More
It's Never Too Late To Bike Away Diabetes
This might be obvious to some but a new study shows that bicycling can help reduce the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. It's nice...Read More
Outdoor Safety
With summer here, many kids head outdoors to explore and have fun. Experts have some summer safety tips.Read More
Legal Advice with Gary Massey 7/11/16
Legal Advice with Gary Massey 7/11/16Read More
Start To Exercise Early To Live Longer
A new study suggests young women who exercise just 2.5 hours a week may cut their risk for heart disease by up to 25 percent. Dr. Erin Michos, an associate professor of medicine and epidemiology...Read More
Study Finds Omega-3s May Work Wonders Against Colon Cancer
A new study finds colon cancer patients who take in higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, mainly from oily fish, may have better odds...Read More
Justin Bieber Moans Loud During Massages
Now there’s a sound that will take away your appetite… Page Six is reporting that Justin Bieber visited the Aire Ancient...Read More
Wrestler Who Lived Out of Truck Now Headed to Olympics
It wasn’t long ago that wrestler Daniel Dennis gave up his sport and left his home to travel west with nothing but a pickup truck...Read More
Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon Again
Andy Murray won his second Wimbledon title by beating Milos Raonic 6-4, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (2) on Centre Court. Murray broke Raonic’s serve only once in the match, while the Canadian had some...Read More
Brock Lesnar, Amanda Nunes Big Winners At UFC 200
The game of hot potato involving the UFC Women's Bantamweight championship in the wake of Ronda Rousey's title loss last year continued...Read More
Six Superfoods That Fight Cancer
According to, these are six extremely nutritious superfoods that have shown promise when it comes to fighting cancer. They are filled with antioxidants that help slow the growth of cancer-causing...Read More
Starbucks Releases a New
Starbucks Today may not be a legally recognized holiday, but if you're a Starbucks lover like us, it should be. Why? In addition to their recent fudge-covered masterpiece , they just released...Read More
Internet Has Big Appetite for Food Videos
For some people, food videos are taking over the Internet. Or at least, food videos are drawing their attention leading them to the Internet. With...Read More
Adriana Lima Shows Her Brazil Love For 2016 Rio Olympics
In honor of the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics, Adriana Lima is gracing the cover of her home country's Vogue edition. E! News has the exclusive...Read More
Kylie Jenner Announces New Line of Eye Shadow Makeup
On Instagram Monday, Kylie Jenner announced her new Kyshadow line: a collection of eye shadows. The first Kyshadow kit to be released...Read More
How Is Your Skin?
You probably don't realize it, but your skin is constantly reinventing itself: The outer layer regenerates every month. Your body's biggest organ needs to stay in tip-top shape because it has important...Read More
'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' Most Pre-Ordered Book Since 2007
J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" is one of biggest franchises in the world. Barnes & Noble announced today that "Harry Potter and the Cursed...Read More
Netflix's August 2016 Releases
Netflix will have an array of shows coming this August. Funny or Die's film Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal will start streaming on on Aug. 1. It stars Johnny Depp as the GOP presidential...Read More
'Orange Is the New Black' Star Trades Netflix For Hulu
Samira Wiley has found her next full-time acting gig. The Orange Is the New Black favorite has joined the cast of Hulu's take on The Handmaid's...Read More
Guns N' Roses Fans Taken to Jail
Thirty people were arrested at Guns N Roses' concert on Saturday.The band played at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium over the weekend and the show got a little roudy. Local authorities confirmed...Read More
Musicians From All Around Are Coming to the iHeartRadio Festival
celebrity after celebrity will be coming to the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival. U2, Drake, Britney Spears, Sting, Sia, Billy Idol,...Read More
One Direction Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary
One Direction's Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan took to Twitter to celebrate six years since the group - which also...Read More
Ozzy Osbourne Says His Marriage is 'Back on Track'
According to rocker and reality star Ozzy Osbourne, his marriage with Sharon Osbourne is "back on track." During an interview on Monday's...Read More
Jennifer Aniston Fields Emotional Question at Giffoni Film Fest
Jennifer Aniston had an emotional interview during the 46th Annual Giffoni Film Festival. The 47-year-old actress attended the largest...Read More
Lindsay Lohan Sparks Public Feud With Fiance
Danny Martindale/WireImage Noooooo ! Having gotten our fill in the 00s, there's nothing quite as unsettling in this bubbly bubble of a celebutainment...Read More
Prank Fools Clueless Japanese Pokemon GO Players
Recently, Pokemon GO players in Japan descended upon Tsuruma Park in Nagoya once rumors started circulating that the legendary pokeon...Read More
Nick Cannon Not Interested in Main Presidential Race
On Monday, America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon sat down with Access Hollywood Live to talk about his feelings on the upcoming...Read More
Chris Pratt's Son Said What?!
It's really just too adorable how Chris Pratt gushes over his son Jack . The little guy turns four next month. He recently said in a interview about his son's vocabulary, "My son said, 'To obliterate...Read More
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